[wingide-users] command-line parameters for nose: does behavior differ between "Run tests" and "Debug tests"?

Lee Kamentsky leek at broadinstitute.org
Fri Mar 14 16:15:57 EDT 2014

I am trying to use command-line parameters when starting nosetests. As an
experiment, I wrote the following bogus test:

import unittest

class TestNothing(unittest.TestCase):
    def test_00_pass(self):
    def test_01_fail(self):

I then go to my project properties' "testing" tab and select "Nose" as the
default framework and enter the single argument, "--help". When I debug my
test, it prints

Usage: run_nosetests_xml.py [options]
in the debug I/O and if I set breakpoints inside test_00_pass and
test_01_fail, the breakpoints aren't hit. That's what I'd expect. However,
if I run the test, the pass test passes and the fail test fails, even
though Nose should just print the help message and exit. Of course in my
real world usage, I'm using the command-line for something less prosaic
than printing the help, but it seems to likewise work in debug mode and
fail in run mode.

I can probably implement a work-around using environment variables, hope
this is a bug that you all can fix.

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