[wingide-users] How do I keep all arguments that WING auto-completes for me after typing the opening parenthesis of a class or function ...

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Wed Jul 2 16:12:29 EDT 2014

Correction: below I meant to say "I intuited that moving the cursor..." 
(not mouse).

On 07/02/2014 03:51 PM, DiData via wingide-users wrote:
> *'**nervous*' is a great way to describe the current behavior (there 
> and then gone).
> I like the "How about this" scenario below because, in fact, it's how
> I imagined it would work when I tried it yesterday before submitting
> the email question (i.e. I intuited that moving the mouse through the
> auto completed section would keep it, but it didn't. Instead it acted
> 'nervously' =:)).
> Although it's little different, hovering tool tips are nice too.
> On 07/02/2014 02:59 PM, Dietmar Schwertberger via wingide-users wrote:
>> Honestly, I currently don't use this feature, mainly because the 
>> current implementation
>> is too 'nervous' (*).
>> I also usually want to have the choice to keep them all or just to 
>> discard them.
>> How about this:
>>  - if the user just types on, the arguments are discarded
>>  - if the user uses the tab key, the behavious is like now
>>  - if the user does something else, e.g. move the cursor, all 
>> arguments and defaults are kept (thats also the way PyCrust handles 
>> things)
>> (*) I'm not using it, but still it's not deactivated because it's a 
>> replacement for
>> the lack of tooltip help (I would prefer to have the functionality of 
>> the source assistant
>> in form of a tooltip help).
>> Regards,
>> Dietmar
>> Am 02.07.2014 20:27, schrieb Jeff Vahue via wingide-users:
>>> To keep the defaults how about ctrl-tab or ctrl-whatever the 
>>> selected auto-complete key is
>>> Jeff Vahue
>>> Knowlogic Mobile
>>> DiData via wingide-users <wingide-users at wingware.com> wrote:
>>> Thanks for the answer Stephan.
>>> Just a further note on my reason...
>>> Almost any parameter-value passed to machine learning classes and 
>>> functions
>>> will generally succeed (i.e. not experience run-time exceptions); 
>>> however,
>>> they "fail" in the sense that the learned predictor's doesn't 
>>> predict well
>>> after being trained, or performs poorly, resource usage wise. These 
>>> are, in part,
>>> due to the (sometimes esoteric) parameters used during training; so it's
>>> invaluable to have them spelled out in the code to potentially spot the
>>> problem later on.
>>> It's also useful for learning an API more deeply since, by keeping the
>>> options, you have the opportunity to investigate their meaning and
>>> consequences. Then you can remove them later.
>>> Not everyone needs/wants this, of course, so an option to enable/disable
>>> it would be good. Even better: when the option is enabled, keep the 
>>> current
>>> behavior, but define a key-sequence to accept the entire auto completion
>>> as needed/wanted.
>>> Thank you.
>>> On 07/02/2014 09:36 AM, Wingware Support wrote:
>>>> DiData via wingide-users wrote:
>>>>> During auto-complete of a class or function (i.e. when you type the
>>>>> opening parenthesis), sometimes I want
>>>>> to keep all of the arguments that the IDE inserts for me (perhaps to
>>>>> inspect them, and perhaps to be explicit
>>>>> in my code). But when I move the cursor or mouse, it disappears.
>>>>> I tried hitting tab, moving the mouse to the end of the highlighted
>>>>> insertion, etc., but it always disappears.
>>>>> How do I keep the entire completion?
>>>> Currently Wing always removed the unaltered defaults.  I think 
>>>> having an option to leave them is a good idea, but I'm not yet 
>>>> certain how it should be triggered by the user.
>>>> I do think unaltered defaults should mostly be removed because that 
>>>> often makes it easier to manage code changes over time, but I also 
>>>> have times when I want to be explicit about some of the values.
>>>> I'm open to suggestions on this.
>>>> Thanks,
>>> -- 
>>> Sincerely,
>>> DiData
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