[wingide-users] How do I keep all arguments that WING auto-completes for me after typing the opening parenthesis of a class or function ...

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Wed Jul 2 11:11:34 EDT 2014

Thanks for the answer Stephan.

Just a further note on my reason...

Almost any parameter-value passed to machine learning classes and functions
will generally succeed (i.e. not experience run-time exceptions); however,
they "fail" in the sense that the learned predictor's doesn't predict well
after being trained, or performs poorly, resource usage wise. These are, 
in part,
due to the (sometimes esoteric) parameters used during training; so it's
invaluable to have them spelled out in the code to potentially spot the
problem later on.

It's also useful for learning an API more deeply since, by keeping the
options, you have the opportunity to investigate their meaning and
consequences. Then you can remove them later.

Not everyone needs/wants this, of course, so an option to enable/disable
it would be good. Even better: when the option is enabled, keep the current
behavior, but define a key-sequence to accept the entire auto completion
as needed/wanted.

Thank you.

On 07/02/2014 09:36 AM, Wingware Support wrote:
> DiData via wingide-users wrote:
>> During auto-complete of a class or function (i.e. when you type the
>> opening parenthesis), sometimes I want
>> to keep all of the arguments that the IDE inserts for me (perhaps to
>> inspect them, and perhaps to be explicit
>> in my code). But when I move the cursor or mouse, it disappears.
>> I tried hitting tab, moving the mouse to the end of the highlighted
>> insertion, etc., but it always disappears.
>> How do I keep the entire completion?
> Currently Wing always removed the unaltered defaults.  I think having 
> an option to leave them is a good idea, but I'm not yet certain how it 
> should be triggered by the user.
> I do think unaltered defaults should mostly be removed because that 
> often makes it easier to manage code changes over time, but I also 
> have times when I want to be explicit about some of the values.
> I'm open to suggestions on this.
> Thanks,


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