[wingide-users] How do I keep all arguments that WING auto-completes for me after typing the opening parenthesis of a class or function ...

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Tue Jul 1 19:59:40 EDT 2014

Hello friends:

During auto-complete of a class or function (i.e. when you type the 
opening parenthesis), sometimes I want
to keep all of the arguments that the IDE inserts for me (perhaps to 
inspect them, and perhaps to be explicit
in my code). But when I move the cursor or mouse, it disappears.

I tried hitting tab, moving the mouse to the end of the highlighted 
insertion, etc., but it always disappears.

How do I keep the entire completion?

I couldn't find an answer in a search or in the help pages (though I'm 
sure it's there somewhere).

Thank you in advance. =:)


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