[wingide-users] wingide-users Digest, Vol 117, Issue 14

L J Robie ljr at fallbrook.net
Sat Jan 25 16:37:46 EST 2014

I found it very surprising that when I close a project and create a new 
one, it contains things such as the breakpoints set in the just closed 
project.  My expectation when opening a new project is that it will be 
based upon some sort of default project template with typical values.  
This is the way most IDEs I have used work. Normally they provide a set 
of project templates for typical uses.

What was your reasoning in carrying forward settings from the last open 
project into a new project?  Is there a way to instruct Wing to use a 
default .wpr/.wpu when a new project is created?

Do you anticipate the inclusion of project templates in a future release?


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