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Thu Feb 27 10:36:44 EST 2014

On 2/27/14, 3:15 AM, diliup gabadamudalige wrote:
> I appreciate the answers by Michael, john and Rebbca who seem to share
> my thoughts too. :) I disabled all other version control systems on Wing
> and enabled git as always. Is that ok? I like to develop my code in
> stages and sometime go back and branch off in another direction but keep
> both going at the same time. attached is a screen shot of my wing. see
> the bottom left corner which says "failed to run git"
> why is this? how do i save anew version after i add a new routine?

Did you change the Git Executable to the full path of the git command 
(git.exe) in the Version Control -> Git page of the Preferences dialog? 
  Git isn't added to the PATH by default -- and I don't recommend adding 
it to the PATH unless you know what the implications of adding it are (I 
think I know the implications, but still don't add it to the PATH 
because I suspect it will cause problems).  You also need to initialize 
the repository from the command line or another tool like tortoisegit.

I suggest that you work through one of the many tutorials before using 
git through Wing.



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