[wingide-users] wingide-users Digest, Vol 118, Issue 15

Michael Hipp michael at redmule.com
Thu Feb 27 10:18:40 EST 2014

On 2/27/2014 2:15 AM, diliup gabadamudalige wrote:
> Hi ALL!
> I appreciate the answers by Michael, john and Rebbca who seem to share my 
> thoughts too. :) I disabled all other version control systems on Wing and 
> enabled git as always. Is that ok? I like to develop my code in stages and 
> sometime go back and branch off in another direction but keep both going at 
> the same time. attached is a screen shot of my wing. see the bottom left 
> corner which says "failed to run git"
> why is this? how do i save anew version after i add a new routine?

I haven't read all this thread, so forgive if this is redundant...

Have you installed Git for Windows? Installing it is ... uh ... not entirely 

If you're just getting on board with VCS/DVCS, I'd highly recommend Mercurial 
(hg) over git for the above reason if nothing else.

It's true that all the cool kids use git, but hg is top notch and a lot more 
straightforward (esp. on Windows).

Wing supports hg and there's the tortoise hg that someone mentioned.


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