[wingide-users] Incremental saving.... wingide-users Digest, Vol 118, Issue 13

Wing IDE Support support at wingware.com
Wed Feb 26 15:35:12 EST 2014

On 2/26/14, 3:20 PM, Strauch, Rebecca A (DFG) wrote:
> I doubt my development would ever go into git unless it was a local/internal version.  Git seems great for larger projects, but most likely not worth it for my projects.

git or hg (or other systems) are not just for large projects with more 
than one developer.  They also support a single developer by keeping 
track of the changes made.  You do need to decide when to commit 
something, but it's often a good thing to think in terms of whether this 
is a group of changes that does something or is the project in a state I 
may want to return to.

I suggest starting with hg because it's simpler than git and if you use 
Windows, it doesn't require an unix-like emulation layer (which actually 
works surprisingly well these days, but it's one more layer to 
understand).  A tutorial is at http://hginit.com/ and there are probably 
others.  It's worth learning the command line tools because most of the 
resources on the internet are going to be about the command line.

That said, we'll consider adding a feature to Wing to automatically 
create a limited number of backups.



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