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Kim Branson kim at hessianinformatics.com
Wed Feb 26 15:03:54 EST 2014

you can simply create a branch with git, and then correct, or roll back from that branch. 

When you are ready you can merge your branch back to the main, and then push your change sets to the origin.   Distributed version control is what this is designed for.  Mercurial or Git can do this, 

On Feb 26, 2014, at 11:58 AM, Strauch, Rebecca A (DFG) <rebecca.strauch at alaska.gov> wrote:

> I wouldn't mind seeing some type of incremental back-up (in separate folder, that clears out after x hours/days), maybe save a copy when you save or Ctrl-S.    However, I do rely on the Ctrl-Z (undo) quite a bit for the rolling back.  An incremental backup would be for my major screw ups.  Unless this is a single-file event though, I could see it getting complicated and large if trying to do this on a project.  The files may end up getting out sync with each other, but it would be an emergency recovery.
> I have access to a version control system (VCS) in my Division, but find that much of my python (and javascript) development changes so often (I'm a good hack...not good enough to be a hacker) that I hate to "waste" the incremental saves to the VCS.  Currently, I just save the incremental versions manually...making sure I have a logical name for the backup when something works.  This of course relies on me and is therefore not a 100% perfect solution.
> So +1 if it can be added in a user friendly way.  Just my two cents.
> Rebecca
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>> Hi helpful Wing IDE user/expert/developer,
>> I am not quite used to version control systems. The way that I know is 
>> a simple incremental saving system which i'm used to from a long time 
>> ago. I tried to use the version control system but the way I 
>> understood it is mainly for a lot of people editing the same file. Can 
>> any one out there please help me with a simple step by step guide as 
>> to how I can use this method do to incremental saving on the python project that i'm doing using wing IDE pro..
>> The project has three files and each one need to be saved occasionally 
>> when ever i do a serious edit. There is no one else involved in 
>> editing. It's only me. I am not very good with command line stuff. Any 
>> help would be appreciated. I watched some videos on version control 
>> systems but couldn't figure out how it was done on Wing IDE. Please pardon my ignorance and help.
> Some will disagree but I don't think VCS is the right tool for what you're 
> wanting to do. The rule for VCS is "commit only when you have something worthy 
> to commit", not IMHO just when you just want to save a checkpoint in a file's life.
> What I do is keep my development projects in DropBox* or similar cloud sync 
> service. I edit my merry way. If I need to go back to an earlier version, 
> DropBox will have it available (for a while). This sort of assumes that needing 
> that old version is more rare than routine. (If routine, I'd be curious to know 
> what you're doing.)
> I do all this along with git, but only commit when I've made a change that is 
> finished and tested.
> I miss the versioned file system we had on VAX/VMS back in the day.
> Michael
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