[wingide-users] Stop on exception, within try block?

Graham Wideman initcontact at grahamwideman.com
Mon Feb 24 19:37:23 EST 2014

[Arrrg, resubmitted due to wrong from address.]

Hi folks,

Apologies if I've overlooked something obvious, but:

Is there a setting, feature or approach to get WingIDE debugger to stop on exceptions, even within try..except blocks? (A feature I'm used to having in IDEs for other languages.)

I find myself writing code with exception handling for later robustness, which, during initial debugging, captures programming mistakes that I'd like the IDE to stop at... necessitating rerunning the offending code and single-stepping to find and inspect the problem location.  So I'm hoping to avoid that.

I'm thinking this would need to be enabled on a per-module (or finer-granularity) basis, since, in python, some code uses exceptions as part of expected code paths.


-- Graham

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