[wingide-users] Saving old versions -- was wingide-users Digest, Vol 118, Issue 10

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Mon Feb 24 10:34:16 EST 2014

On 2/22/14, 11:26 PM, diliup gabadamudalige wrote:
> Hi!
> Is it possible to do incremental saving? What I mean is after doing some
> code when I hit ctrl+s for the program to save as mynam001, myname002 or
> with a suitable name. I like to save my code in little steps so that I
> can go back to any little thing i did say some steps back. Also an auto
> save feature after a fixed time lapse would be good saving a
> predetermined number of backups. After the number exceeds save again
> from the first bak name. If both features present we step back thru the
> code right to the beginning and retrace many things. The music software
> that I use (Cubase 7) has similar functions which are extremely useful.
> I hope this is ok. Thanks for everything.

It would be possible to write a Wing extension script to do this, but my 
suggestion would be to use a version control system such as mercurial 
(hg) or git.  Version control systems have been used by developers for 
years to keep track of changes in source code and provide a lot more 
features than a simple system of keeping numbered files.



BTW, it's good practice to send a message with a new subject when asking 
a new question on a mailing list rather than replying to a digest message.

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