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Fri Feb 21 16:34:01 EST 2014

Jason Decwes wrote:
> found in (means under the tree in the sub tree starting w/ that
> installed app); q: are all in a "templates" folder under the installed app ?
> On , Jason Decwes <jason_decwest at yahoo.com
> <mailto:jason_decwest at yahoo.com>> wrote:
> So the logic is that the TEMPLATES DIR  will shadow the installed apps
> templates (of the same path), i.e. the logic is as follows
> pseudo code imagined for django - is this the way it works?
> INSTALLED_APPS_Roots = [ ... ]
> TEMPLATE_DIRs = (I think this is a list and not one ; right ?) [ ... ]
> def locate_template_to_use(...):
>      # if found in TEMPLATE_DIRs, return it.
>      # if found in INSTALLED_APPS_Roots return it
>      return None
> then something like    template = locate_template_to_use('helloworld.html')
> is how django does things and it "finds" one

I actually don't know that much about how Django implements this, but 
the sources for Django probably make it clear.  For Django specific 
questions you may want to try a Django email list instead.


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