[wingide-users] Suggestion: Auto-complete drop-down scroll behavior

Graham Wideman initcontact at grahamwideman.com
Fri Feb 21 16:06:28 EST 2014

(re-sent from acceptable address)

Mostly for Wingware support:

Auto-complete is great, and it could be even more lovable if the UI would do this one additional helpful thing:

Scroll the drop-down completion list to a position that reveals the maximum number of possible completions.

Suppose I have an object which has the following fields:


In the code I start to type: 'MyObject.som'

Autocomplete pops up, and shows:
" aabc
" auvw
" axyz
" something

In other words, the dropdown list scrolls up only so far as to reveal the first matching item, 
hiding the fact that there are additional possibilities that start with 'som'. I can reveal more using the scrollbar or down arrow, but it breaks concentration to have to do that.

Instead, I think the list should auto scroll up to reveal as many matching items as will fit, (without scrolling the first matching item off the top).


-- Graham

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