[wingide-users] Django Template Browser

Adi Sieker adi at sieker.io
Fri Feb 21 05:00:47 EST 2014


nearly all of the Python work I do is Django work and I've recently, had 
an idea that would help me tremendously when working with Django and 
that is a Django Template Browser.

What it would do is display all available templates from the list of 
INSTALLED_APPS as a tree. It would then check which templates have been 
redefined in the TEMPLATE_DIRS directory. Each template getting an 
indicator if it was redefined or not. Templates that are in the 
TEMPLATE_DIRS but not in the INSTALLED_APPS would also be added to the 
tree. Right clicking on a template would display a pop up that either 
allows me to redefine the template or delete the redefinition. If I 
redefine the template Wing should read the contents of the template in 
the apps location and create a new template with the content of the 
original template in my TEMPLATE_DIRS directory and matching the path of 
the original template.

In the below mockup, which is not complete, the templates with [-] are 
not redefined and the ones with [+] are redefined.

Double clicking on a template would open the redefined template if it 
exists otherwise the original template and right clicking on a redefined 
template would give me the option to open the original template.

I have no idea if this is feasible as an extension or not, but I would 
love to see something like that in Wing.


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