[wingide-users] debugger does not indicate where invalid identifier is or even point to a area to look

evngstr at juno.com evngstr at juno.com
Fri Dec 5 21:15:52 EST 2014

The following code does nothing except show the issue I am having.

print (a+b)
if x1 > 640.:
        x1 –= 640.
if x2 > 640.:
        x2 –= 640.
Using this as a sample code.  If run in Wing personal I get the

builtins.UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf-8' codec can't decode byte 0x96 in
position 49: invalid start byte
the same code run in Idle will highlight the minus sign on line 5 and say
invalid identifier.
As it turns out, this was a copy/ paste from a PDF and the minus sign on
line 5 is not really -= from a keyboard.
It is some other kind of character not recognized by computer lingo.
But the point is , it there any where in the Wing debugger that would
highlight or show the line where the invalid character is.  The actual
program is 118 lines long and WING says the problem is at position 3370
which gives me no help in knowing  where in the program the problem is. 
This was at line 114 so was real difficult to locate till I put it in
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