[wingide-users] Better Mako support: help?

Matt Feifarek matt.feifarek at gmail.com
Mon Sep 30 12:44:00 MDT 2013

Hi there.

I'm using Wing5 beta, and enjoying it so far. I've been a long-time
customer of Wing; since at least 2005, and I'm happy to see continuous
momentum in my favorite python IDE.

I use Mako templates, and find Wing's support for this to be rather

I realize that it might be a hard problem, since a single mako file will
happily contain HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Python. I'm not expecting
debugging support, or even click-to-symbol, but can I at least ask for
passable syntax highlighting?

Where mako files jump from one syntax to another is pretty obviously
delineated, but wing seems to miss often/always. It doesn't even know
comment syntax, and likes to highlight keywords in my comments in <style>
declarations in html; this actually is WORSE than no syntax highlighting at

I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to make this work a little better.

Thanks for Wing; I hope this doesn't sound to b!tchy. I want badly to stay
in one editor, and not have to bounce-out to a dumb editor for

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