[wingide-users] Wing IDE Debugger (missing features)

Mark Jones mark0978 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 28 14:24:04 MDT 2013

>So what DO we need for debugging?
>-a better inspector: its very hard to see the details of certain objects,
> esp App Engine model classes

That is what the debug probe is for, and it works quite well for this.  You
even get autocomplete in the debug probe.  Nothing stops you from writing
code to make your debugging easier.  You need a special format from an
object, write a method on it and invoke it from the probe.  Although having
use GAE and Django, I have no idea what is missing.

-  A way to invoke the inspector on results you get from entering in an
   in the Python Shell/

I never use the shell, I use the probe and autocomplete works, as well as
repr, str, print, whatever I need to reveal the contents of my objects.

-  way to step though some code that I've started by typing in a call to
the Python shell.

Yes, it would be nice if you could debug code you call from the probe.
 I've also asked for this one.  From what I understand its pretty hard to
do, but if it is possible, I'd like to have it.

- A way to have a running app in the editor and be able  to type in an
  into some python listener and see its results WITHOUT having to set a
  I don't want to set a break point, I want to define a bunch of classes,
  then call them. Don't make me artificially have to set a breakpoint
  then call some method I don't care about form my UI button click or
  then get into debug probe and NOW I can type in my expression.
-  AND let me INSPECT the result of that expression.

Here you went looney toons on us.  This just makes so sense in any
language.  Without the debug you have no contextual scope, I don't know if
you just worded it wrong, or you just have idea what you are asking for.

But do you actually use Wingware to debug?

You are right, they are smart guys, and after checking out webstorm and
pydev, I think they have the best python IDE on the market.  So much so,
that I thought I would come to their defense in this case.

Good luck finding a magic IDE that can intuit your magical scope without a
"artificial" breakpoint.
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