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Christopher Fry cfry1 at MIT.EDU
Fri Sep 27 12:19:51 MDT 2013

This I the first time I've looked at a list of new features for Wing 5.
It does not include what I consider to be the most important deficiencies of Wing4.
First, programmers spend most of their time fixing bugs.
I see NOTHING that directly affects debugging, and the stuf that's there appears
to be to be barely helpful at all. 
In Eclipse, a lot of the "debugging" you have to do is debugging eclipse itself,
ie whoops I accidentally dragged this pane over there and now I can't find
the stepper controls and have no way to figure out how to get them back.
So on the face of it, letting a user drag panes around is a bad idea.
If a feature is in Eclipse, consider it a red flag as something NOT to implement.

So what DO we need for debugging?
-a better inspector: its very hard to see the details of certain objects,
 esp App Engine model classes
-  A way to invoke the inspector on results you get from entering in an expression
   in the Python Shell/
-  way to step though some code that I've started by typing in a call to the Python shell.
- A way to have a running app in the editor and be able  to type in an expression
  into some python listener and see its results WITHOUT having to set a breakpoint.
  I don't want to set a break point, I want to define a bunch of classes, methods
  then call them. Don't make me artificially have to set a breakpoint somewhere,
  then call some method I don't care about form my UI button click or whatever,
  then get into debug probe and NOW I can type in my expression.
-  AND let me INSPECT the result of that expression.

I consider the above more important than anything I see in your list of improvements.
I told you all this a year ago and you said wait for version 5.
Nothing in your list compels me to try version 5. 
I'm sure there's good stuff in there. You are smart people who do good work.
But do you actually use Wingware to debug? If so, why haven't you
observed the problems that I've articulated above?

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Today's Topics:

   1. Wing IDE 5.0 beta8 released (Wingware)


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Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2013 15:14:17 -0400
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Subject: [wingide-users] Wing IDE 5.0 beta8 released
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We've just released Wing IDE 5.0 beta8.

Changes made since beta7 include:

* Support for Python 3.4 alpha2
* Windows installers are now signed
* Many keyboard navigability improvements
* Use correct file and directory dialogs
* Fix checkboxes in lists in preferences
* Fix memory leak that could lead to slow typing response
* Show string truncation indicator and correctly display huge values in
Watch tool
* Avoid crash after editing values in Stack Data
* Several auto-completion and auto-editing improvements
* Fix default buttons and tab order in dialogs
* Fix popup windows when more than one monitor is in use
* Fix failure to handle non-ascii characters in the GUI
* Many other bug fixes

For details see

A summary of new features in Wing 5:

* Redesigned GUI based on Qt and PySide
* Native GUI on OS X (and better overall OS-native look and feel)
* Tools and editors can be dragged around
* Toolbar and editor and Project context menus are configurable
* Optional mode that opens different sets of files in each editor split
* Sharable color palettes and syntax highlighting configurations
* Auto-editing is on by default (except some operations that have a
learning curve)
* Named file sets
* Sharable launch configurations
* Named entry points
* More control over unit testing environment
* Lockable editor splits
* Initial preferences dialog for new users
* Support for Python 3.4

There are details at http://wingware.com/wingide/5.0beta8

The above also includes a list of the known bugs, information on
reporting bugs,
compatibility notes, and links for downloading and installing.

This release is quite usable, but please keep in mind that you probably will
run into some problems.



Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
Advancing Software Development



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