[wingide-users] Deleting a file from the project

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Wed Sep 25 06:01:43 MDT 2013

Ian Simcock wrote:
> I don't know if this should be considered a bug or not, but it feels 
> like one to me. I was renaming and cleaning up some of the Python 
> files in a project and deleted a couple using the Delete option from 
> the Project context menu. When I tried running my code there was a 
> line that was instancing a class that crashed saying "TypeError: 
> 'module' object is not callable". It turns out that, while the .py 
> file with that name was deleted, the .pyc file was not, so Python was 
> still seeing it as a module.
> I believe that when deleting a .py file Wing should also delete the 
> matching .pyc file, if it exists.

This has been requested before and I agree we should offer to remove 
*.pyc and *.pyo and similar files (later Python versions do this a 
little differently) with option to just do it automatically from then 
on.  It's on our list but probably won't be implemented until after Wing 

> On an unrelated note, it would have been useful if there had been an 
> option in the Project File right click context menu to open a copy of 
> Windows Explorer showing the directory that the selected file is in. I 
> expect that I should be able to add that option myself using the 
> extension scripting, shouldn't I?

Yes, you can add items to the Project context menu with scripts.  
However, this feature is already in Wing 5 so it may not be worth doing 
for Wing 4.

In case you want to try the beta of Wing 5, it is at 
http://wingware.com/wingide/beta.  We hope to get the next beta out 
there later this week.  It is being tested now.



Stephan Deibel
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