[wingide-users] Deleting a file from the project

Ian Simcock Ian.Simcock at Internode.on.net
Tue Sep 24 08:05:58 MDT 2013

I don't know if this should be considered a bug or not, but it feels 
like one to me. I was renaming and cleaning up some of the Python files 
in a project and deleted a couple using the Delete option from the 
Project context menu. When I tried running my code there was a line that 
was instancing a class that crashed saying "TypeError: 'module' object 
is not callable". It turns out that, while the .py file with that name 
was deleted, the .pyc file was not, so Python was still seeing it as a 

I believe that when deleting a .py file Wing should also delete the 
matching .pyc file, if it exists.

On an unrelated note, it would have been useful if there had been an 
option in the Project File right click context menu to open a copy of 
Windows Explorer showing the directory that the selected file is in. I 
expect that I should be able to add that option myself using the 
extension scripting, shouldn't I?

Ian Simcock.

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