[wingide-users] sys.path differs between Wing and terminal

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Mon Oct 28 08:45:58 MDT 2013

Ofer wrote:
> I'm having some weird sys.path issues where the sys.path differs 
> between Wing and the terminal.
> Below are the outputs of "pprint(sys.path)" on both. I've highlighted 
> the differences.
> Perhaps you know where the difference originates from?
> I would like the sys.path to be the same on both.

I suspect this is the same thing as environment being different (in your 
other email) -- try launching Wing from the command line with wing5.0 
(or wing4.1) if that's not what you're already doing.

One exception here is that 
'/home/oferb/workspace/il.ac.wis.cs.rovtool.blender/bp_drone' is 
included when you're running in Wing instead of ''.  That's equivalent 
as long as the os.getcwd() is 
/home/oferb/workspace/il.ac.wis.cs.rovtool.blender/bp_drone but 
otherwise there is a subtle difference here.  I'll take a look at this 
again, but I think there is a reason we're doing this due to unavoidable 
differences in how we launch your code and how it would get launched 
from outside the debugger.


Stephan Deibel
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