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Yarko Tymciurak yarkot at uchicago.edu
Thu Oct 17 13:50:49 MDT 2013

On Thu, Oct 17, 2013 at 2:09 PM, Yarko Tymciurak <yarkot at uchicago.edu>wrote:

> On Oct 17, 2013, at 12:41 PM, Wingware Support <support at wingware.com>
> wrote:
> > Anthony Floyd wrote:
> >> Something I'd love to see in Wing: contextual search.
> >>
> >> Often I'll want to search for Term A but only when it's within the
> >> same line or n lines of Term B. Sort of like a "close to" operator.
> >>
> >> Our main codebase is nearing 300k lines of Python, and keeping track
> >> of where everything is has become challenging. But sometimes a "Search
> >> in Files" returns way too many hits. A contextual search would go a
> >> long way in helping.
> >
> > It's not quite the same thing but in Wing 5 you can create a File Set
> from the set of files in the Search in Files result area, using the Name
> Result File Set item in the Options menu, then do another search on that
> file set by selecting it from the Look In menu. So "close to" is defined as
> "in the same file", which may not be fine grained enough, but I thought it
> might help in some cases.
> Just sharing the thoughts this triggered as I read this:
> Two things reminiscent:
>   - xpath selectors, or perhaps even more:  cssselectors;
>   - unified diff contexts (the ability to set the window size);
> It occurs that the externally maintained and referenced "tree" (thinking
> in XML terms) Stephan referred to is file-space.
> W/o parsing to accomplish something like cssselector specificity  (i.e.
> "only find "foo" in function contexts"),
> but keeping w/ the concept of trees and the simplicity of unified diff
> windows, I could imagine some not-too-complicated
> plugin to hold a list of the last search nodes (file:line), and applying a
> "Line Set" result, similar to the File Set result
> capture, and then performing a search within a window (line) size of that
> (referable a +/- set, e.g. a window of +/-10 is
> (+10, -10), so you can imagine (+10, -0) as well).
> It seems like you'd need:
> - a search-result list held somewhere;
> - a way to limit search across files to line numbers;
> - a way to specify a search with the first list, calculated as a range by
> the window.
> Seems conceptually doable (and I think, as I think of it, I like it -
> though I wonder how useful it would be in practice,
> over the "File Set" model).   Also - thinking back to cssselectors - I can
> imagine a plugin that lets you do several levels,
> sequentially, so you could accomplish the cssselctor-like equivalent of
> "foo > bar(-0,+30) > what_I_want", where
> no window implies file-sized window.

... so to continue that (since I'm liking thinking about this):

that nested search:    "foo > bar(-0,+30) > what_I_want"
would read / operate like:

in the current File Set (the default Match Set),  find instances of "foo";
{ implied: save file:line list of that Match Set };
in the current Match Set, search a window of (0, 30) for bar;
{ implied: save file:line list of that Match Set };
in the File Set of the current Match Set (since no window applied, entire
file implied), find "what_I_want"

As I read the sentences, I suppose something like this might be more
suggestive, but this is minor:

foo > {-0,+30}bar > what_I_want

(reminiscent of RE repeat ranges)

I wouldn't associate the range with the last search target, as that window
could usefully vary with the next target search - it should be a
of the current search, applied to the last file:line set (not a
of the last Match Result set).

This _is_ fun! :-)

> Fun concept!
> >
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