[wingide-users] Suggestion: Breakpoint button behavior

Graham Wideman initcontact at grahamwideman.com
Mon Nov 25 17:45:49 MST 2013

... just adding by way of completeness: The issue of looking at the toolbar to know whether the debugger is running overlaps with the previously-discussed issue of the appearance of the run indicator (pink highlight and arrow in the editor positioned on the about-to-execute line of code). 

To summarize my prefs in this area: I'd be very happy if:

1. The debug toolbar buttons all stayed visible, so they're in a consistent location as mouse targets, and so that their active vs gray state is constantly available to indicate IDE state. Most notably, the Start and Stop button as indicators of running/debugging/stopped.

2. The run indicator would have 2 x 2 appearances:

a) A distinction between "execution is paused here" and "execution was paused here before debugging was stopped".

b) A distinction between "this is the actual execution point" (innermost scope) versus "this is the caller of the currently paused code" (an outer scope).

3. The run indicator arrow would not be hidden by the breakpoint "bullet".

-- Graham

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