[wingide-users] disappearing Debug I/O output

Samuel Smith sam at samuelsmith.org
Wed Nov 20 23:41:55 MST 2013

I get the problem sometimes when I switch a lot between projects but only have  one window open at a time.

On 20 Nov 2013, at 08:35 , Wing IDE Support <support at wingware.com> wrote:

> On 11/19/13 7:08 PM, Mitchell L Model wrote:
>> I have been frustrated by disappearing I/O for more than a couple of years. It is a problem that seems to come and go and mutate while it's away. I keep thinking it's gone, then the problem shows up again. I have experimented extensively and have some suggestions.
>> To remedy the situation, try the following until one works:
>> 1. Make sure you only have 1 Debug I/O tool among your various windows.
>> 2. If you have 1 and it isn't showing output, close it and open another one.
>> 3. If opening a new one doesn't help, kill the new one and open a Debug I/O tool by itself from the Tools menu.
>> 4. If that doesn't help, exit and restart Wing.
> The problems here only can occur if there is more than one Debug I/O tool.  For developers only using a single Debug I/O tool, this isn't an issue.  We do plan to fix the potential problems with multiple Debug I/O tools.
>> A simple tip that may be too obvious, but maybe it didn't occur to you -- if you are really desperate to see output at a certain point of your program and it isn't appearing in Debug I/O, put a breakpoint there, select the call to print and execute the evaluate-sel-in-debug-probe command documented in section 20.2). It only has keybindings in a couple of personalities, but you can bind it to whatever makes sense to you. Since (I think) it's not on any of the menubar menus or the popup contextual menu [*** NOTE TO Wing tech support: is this true? Why? ***], you might not be aware of it. (There are evaluation commands on the Debug menu, but only to evaluate in the Python shell, which is not the same thing.)
> You can also use the debug probe at this point to enter arbitrary Python code to be executed.  Note that the Evaluate Selection in the Debug Probe command is in the editor's right-click context menu when the debugger is stopped at a breakpoint / exception.
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> John
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