[wingide-users] PROBLEM SOLVED: Question on calling SubroutineA in SubroutineB

Joseph POLLACCO pollacco.water at gmail.com
Thu Nov 14 08:48:30 MST 2013

Dear John,

Many thanks for responding so promptly to my question. You resolved  
this important issue for which I did research without finding a 
May be it might be a good idea to write a few words in the Wing IDE 
Manual. Would you want me to write something on this issue, if yes where 
would you place it in the manual?

Kind regards,

Joseph Alexander Paul POLLACCO
(: (+33) 1 69 86 16 61
)skype: joseph_pollacco

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>On 11/14/13 4:12 AM, Joseph POLLACCO wrote:
>>Now I have an other question, which worked well when I started using 
>>an interpreter like bpython but to date not with WINGWARE:
>>Saved as TEST2.py
>>def TEST2():
>>       return 'hello'
>>Saved as TEST1.py
>>def TEST1():
>>       return TEST2()
>>print( TEST2() )
>In Python, an import statement is needed to import the TEST2 module 
>into TEST1.py. TEST1 would be something like:
>import TEST2
>def TEST1():
>     return TEST2.TEST2()
>print (TEST1())
>I think that that Python differs from Matlab in that functions defined 
>in other files are not automatically available and more than one 
>function may be defined in a file. I've never used Matlab myself, but 
>these are some of the differences listed in 
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