[wingide-users] GIMP python-fu

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Mon Nov 11 09:19:13 MST 2013

On 11/10/13 11:40 PM, Steve Barnes wrote:
> Is it possible to simplify the use of WingIDE to develop and debug GIMP
> python plug-ins in a couple respects:
>   * Code Completion - since the python gimp bindings are only valid from
>     within the GIMP python console code completion will not work as the
>     gimpfu plugin does not exist outside of them.
>   * The procedural database, gimp.pdb is also only available within the
>     GIMP python console.
>   * Debugging would be very handy.
> I have checked the FAQ and found that the equivalent is available from
> blender and am wondering if it is possible in GIMP and if anybody has
> found out how.

I have not tried to work with GIMP plug-ins, but it should be possible 
to debug them through Wing's support for debugging externally launched 
code; please see 

Are the modules used in a GIMP plugin available as .py files?  If so, 
you probably can add the directory they are in to your project's python 



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