[wingide-users] GIMP python-fu

Steve Barnes gadgetsteve at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 10 21:40:11 MST 2013

Is it possible to simplify the use of WingIDE to develop and debug GIMP 
python plug-ins in a couple respects:

  * Code Completion - since the python gimp bindings are only valid from
    within the GIMP python console code completion will not work as the
    gimpfu plugin does not exist outside of them.
  * The procedural database, gimp.pdb is also only available within the
    GIMP python console.
  * Debugging would be very handy.

I have checked the FAQ and found that the equivalent is available from 
blender and am wondering if it is possible in GIMP and if anybody has 
found out how.

Steve (Gadget) Barnes

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