[wingide-users] That annoying tabs and spaces message

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Mon Mar 25 11:12:07 EDT 2013

David Cortesi wrote:
> Since switching from the 101 to the Personal, I often get a warning 
> dialog when opening a file telling me that this file uses both tabs 
> and spaces for indentation, and do I want to convert it. I always 
> click "Convert".
> Oddly, although I click "convert" which I assume would modify the 
> file, the modified signal (dot in the red gumdrop) does not appear. 
> But usually I end up saving the file after edits anyway.
> And then the message appears again next time I open the file.
> In Preferences I have Default Indent Style: Spaces Only. I don't edit 
> these files in any other editor.
> Why doesn't "convert" actually modify the document?
> Why does the message keep coming back?

Just for the record for the list:  The issue here was confusing UI 
design/  Pressing Convert in the indentation dialog shows the 
Indentation tool in the tool panel of the main IDE window, flashing its 
tab title, and expects you to select indentation type and then press 
Convert there.  We'll change this to show the conversion tool in a 
dialog (among other things) so it's clearer that a selection of target 
indent type is needed.



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