[wingide-users] What's with Macros ?

clif edwards clif.edwards.2 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 25 10:00:22 EDT 2013

Do macros actually work? Is it worth my time trying to get them working?

too terse a help file.

hot key's Ctrl-( & -) in default Keyboard Personalities just move to next
open tab  in the editor.

If I Cursor to   'Edit/ Start Macro Record'    a message shows it's
recording  for the first key stroke then the message disappears.

Finally after adding key strokes and mouse moves,

I move cursor to 'Edit/ Stop Macro Record' saying that macro is stopped and
might be in register 'a'.

But 'Edit/Execute Macro' is greyed out and message says unavailable
commands - execute-kbd-macro.

What next ?

Broadly, this is the greatest IDE. Love it.

Wing Pro 4.1.12-1 (rev 28337)

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