[wingide-users] AppEngine 1.7.6. broken

Christopher Fry cfry1 at MIT.EDU
Sat Mar 23 00:15:39 EDT 2013

I made the mistake of updating my AppEngine dev env to the latest, 1.7.6
There's a bad bug introduced by Google in this release.
The workaround seems to be to launch it like so:
dev_appserver.py --auto_id_policy=sequential

But I want to launch it via wingware of course.
The wingware doc says:
You can debug code running under the Google App Engine by selecting Start / Continue from the Debug menu (or using the green run icon in the toolbar).  This will bring up a dialog that contains a Run Arguments field that must be altered to specify the application to run.  

But when I click the green button or choose Debug menu Start/contune,
it just launches without giving me the dialog box.
(probably because I told it to a long time ago)
and now I have no way to get that dialog box.

So please tell me how to get it, and
is the "run arguments" the place where I should stick in:
--auto_id_policy=sequential         ?

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