[wingide-users] column of text issue

Wing IDE Support support at wingware.com
Tue Mar 19 13:32:45 EDT 2013

On 3/19/13 8:18 AM, Lee Gramling wrote:
> I seem to be having trouble in wing were a column of text does not
> line up, and I am not sure if it has to do with tabs (which I thought
> would be converted to spaces) or the font I am using.  I am attaching
> two images, the first using source code font/size * Use Default
> the second using arial unicode ms 9

Could you send the source file to support at wingware.com so we can take a
look at it?  It looks like there are differing number of tabs at the
start of each line.  Note that Arial (Helvetica) is a proportional font
so you may not want to use it for source code.



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