[wingide-users] Right-click menus disappear

Wing IDE Support support at wingware.com
Fri Mar 8 15:37:55 EST 2013

On 3/8/13 3:22 PM, Mike Driscoll wrote:
> I've noticed with the last view revision of Wing IDE 4.1 that when I
> right-click on recently added tools or just right-click on the tabs that
> represent the currently opened scripts that the little pop-up context
> menu will appear while I have the right-click button pressed and
> disappear when I release it.
> It will eventually come out of that and the context menu will stick
> around long enough for me to make a choice, but sometimes I have to
> right-click half a dozen times or more to get it to work. Has anyone
> else noticed this issue?

The menus have two modes of display:

1) If the right button is pressed & released, the menu will display
until the left button is clicked on menu item or elsewhere.

2) If the right button is pressed & held, the menu will display until
the right button is released while the pointer is over a menu item or



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