[wingide-users] How to copy a long string value?

David Cortesi davecortesi at gmail.com
Mon Jun 24 15:59:02 EDT 2013

Using Wing Personal 4.1.11 on MacOS.
I have the Stack Data window vertical on the right.
I would like to get the current value of a string variable into the copy
buffer so I could paste it elsewhere.

Sometimes I can click in the variable display and with some difficulty
select all of it and use control-c (not cmd-c) to copy what is selected.

However in some cases, long string values are truncated with an ellipsis at
the end. This happens when for example a long string is part of a tuple
that is in a list -- see figure 1 attached. In these cases even if I select
all the text and copy it, what is copied is the truncated version with
three dots at the end.

Also when the value display is truncated in this way, any attempt to edit
the value produces an error message, "Cannot evaluate new value string, EOL
while scanning string literal: <string> line 1, pos 69". This will pop up
even when I did not try to modify the string value, just highlighted it and
then moved the cursor away.
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