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Brett Dixon brett at readyatdawn.com
Fri Jun 7 11:40:06 EDT 2013

I haven’t looked into what parts of qt are exposed, but do you think we’ll be able to set stylesheets for the new UI?  I guess even if you exposed the proper qt window handle so we could access it via pyside/pyqt we could do the rest.


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於 2013年06月06日 22:44, Connor, Adam J 提到:
Is it possibly to customize the themes provided? I am using the Black-background theme, but the color used when highlighting text (yellow) makes the white text completely illegible.

adam connor / financial information systems, ut austin


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Hi Connor,

I prefer darker background too. Here is my setting for WingIDE 4:
Text Selection Color: #696969
Source Code Background: #2F2F2F
Debugger Run Marker Color: #FFF777

and the settings for WingIDE 5's preference:
Selection/Caret > Selection Color: (105, 105, 105)
Selection/Caret > Caret Color: (255, 255, 255)
Syntax Coloring > Background Color: (47, 47, 47)
Debugger > Run Marker Color: (255, 247, 119)

Hope that helps. :)

Peter. w

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