[wingide-users] migrate from TextWrangler? Questions & comments.

Tibold Kandrai kandraitibold at gmail.com
Mon Jul 29 22:03:15 EDT 2013


Two methods:

   1. There is an "Indentation" tool that can convert tabs to spaces. There
   is an editor setting to use spaces instead of tabs when editing.
   2. Go to search, on the bottom right of the search bar there is an
   "Options" button, click and select Regex Search. Now simply type in '\t'
   into the search bar.

I'm using Wing IDE on a Mac daily and I think it's quite handy.
I was using it even with the X Windows stuff and although it was quite
annoying, Wing IDE still proved itself a quite handy tool.

Hope it helps!


2013/7/30 Scott Lawton <scott.s.lawton at gmail.com>

> The mailing list traffic is light -- I fear I may flood it with
> questions and comments as I give the new beta version a try. Feedback
> welcome (on or off-list) as I proceed....
> I just discovered that Wing IDE is finally creating a (somewhat) real
> Mac GUI. The X Windows version was too painful to use, so it's a
> welcome change. The open question: is that sufficient to get me (and
> probably others like me) to migrate from TextWrangler (or BBEdit or
> various other text editors that people use since there's still not a
> decent Mac-like Python IDE)?
> First question: how do I search for a tab, e.g. after getting the
> mixed tab/space warning? backslash-t didn't work. The docs have a
> brief mention of wildcards and regex, but without sufficient detail.
> Thanks,
> Scott
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