[wingide-users] Wing IDE 5.0beta5 released

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Tue Jul 16 14:41:09 EDT 2013


We've just released Wing IDE 5.0 beta5.

Changes since beta4 include:

* Added Open in Explorer/Finder/etc to Project context menu
* Enabled searching in file sets and individual files in Search in Files
* Enable folding on VCS diff results
* Updated Tutorial for Wing 5 user interface and features
* Don't crash when switching keyboard layouts on Linux
* Save history point when executing brace-match
* Lots of bug fixes (see the change log for details)

A summary of new features in Wing 5:

* Redesigned GUI based on Qt and PySide
* Native GUI on OS X (and better overall OS-native look and feel)
* Tools and editors can be dragged around
* Toolbar and editor and Project context menus are configurable
* Optional mode that opens different sets of files in each editor split
* Sharable color palettes and syntax highlighting configurations
* Auto-editing is on by default (except some operations that have a 
learning curve)
* Named file sets
* Sharable launch configurations
* Named entry points
* More control over unit testing environment
* Lockable editor splits
* Initial preferences dialog for new users

There are details at http://wingware.com/wingide/5.0beta5

The above also includes a list of the known bugs, information on 
reporting bugs,
compatibility notes, and links for downloading and installing.

This release is quite usable, but please keep in mind that you probably will
run into some problems.



Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
Advancing Software Development


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