[wingide-users] User Module Deleter and Matlab cell mode

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Mon Jul 8 09:27:58 EDT 2013

On 7/7/13 3:29 PM, Ofer wrote:
>     I was wondering if WING has a similar feature to Spyder's User
>     Module Deleter (UMD).
>     This module is supposed to allow you to edit source code and always
>     be sure the interpreter is running that most recent code and not a
>     cached .pyc file generated from old code.
>     If WING does not have a similar module, then my question is - how do
>     you keep out of such trouble when editing code?

 From the description, it sounds like the user mode deleter is a 
mechanism to reload code that is edited while a Python session is 
running.  Wing does not currently support code reloading beyond using 
the builtin reload or execing a module.  The recommended way to work is 
to restart the session after any code is modified.

In general, code reloading is difficult in Python and reloaders that 
work in most cases can fail in ways that are difficult to understand and 
debug, particularly if you don't know the details of how reloading 
works.  Note that I have not use Spyder's reloading support so I don't 
know how well it works.

> Also, does WING have a similar feature to Matlab's cell mode? It's an
> option to run code in blocks defined by a '##' double comment character.

How does Matlab's cell mode work?  Wing has the ability to evaluate a 
selection in the Python Shell or Debug Probe.



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