[wingide-users] User Module Deleter and Matlab cell mode

Ofer greenofer at gmail.com
Sun Jul 7 15:29:37 EDT 2013

> Hi,
> I was wondering if WING has a similar feature to Spyder's User Module
> Deleter (UMD).
> This module is supposed to allow you to edit source code and always be
> sure the interpreter is running that most recent code and not a cached .pyc
> file generated from old code.
> If WING does not have a similar module, then my question is - how do you
> keep out of such trouble when editing code?

Also, does WING have a similar feature to Matlab's cell mode? It's an
option to run code in blocks defined by a '##' double comment character.

> Thanks!
> Ofer
> Below is a description of UMD from Spyder's website:
> ***********************************
> http://pythonhosted.org/spyder/console.html
> When working with Python scripts interactively, one must keep in mind that
> Python import a module from its source code (on disk) only when parsing the
> first corresponding import statement. During this first import, the byte
> code is generated (.pyc file) if necessary and the imported module code
> object is cached in sys.modules. Then, when re-importing the same module,
> this cached code object will be directly used even if the source code file
> (.py[w] file) has changed meanwhile.
> This behavior is sometimes unexpected when working with the Python
> interpreter in interactive mode, because one must either always restart the
> interpreter or remove manually the .pyc files to be sure that changes made
> in imported modules were taken into account.
> The User Module Deleter (UMD) is a Spyder console’s exclusive feature that
> forces the Python interpreter to reload modules completely when executing a
> Python script.
> For example, when UMD is turned on, one may test complex applications
> within the same Python interpreter without having to restart it every time
> (restart time may be relatively long when testing GUI-based applications).
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