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Adrian Klaver adrian.klaver at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 22:47:18 EST 2013

On 01/31/2013 05:36 PM, Wingware Support wrote:
> Adrian Klaver wrote:
>> Would seem so. Some digging around showed that I was looking at files in
>> my source directory and the same files in site-packages. Is there a way
>> to tell WingIDE to ignore a PATH?
> You can configure the Python Path in Project Properties, although
> there's not a good way to remove items that are inherited from the
> environment and you probably don't want to ignore either site-packages
> or your source directory so it may be better to remove the duplicate files.

It can't be unusual to have a source directory and then have a package 
installed in site or dist -package, so how do people handle that?

In the meantime I removed the package from site-package and the removed 
some of the duplication. Now what I see is this:

dir A <--- In source assistant, no path
   file a
   file b
dir A <-- In source assistant a path to its location in the source dir
   file a
   file b

The files in either case point to the same path.
Not sure if it is related to the below in PYTHONPATH pulled from WingIDE 

  PYTHONPATH [u'/home/aklaver/software_projects/greenhouse_app',
u'', ..

The first listing is the project root. The project files live in the 
project root, could that be the problem? It is double counting the 
project directory?

Adrian Klaver
adrian.klaver at gmail.com

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