[wingide-users] Feat. request: reStructuredText for docstrings

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Mon Jan 28 10:51:45 EST 2013

yarkot at uchicago.edu wrote:
> http://pygments.org/
> FYI - Pygments is a syntax highlighter.  The request was for rendering.

Yup.  I mentioned syntax highlighting only because that has also been 
requested for ReST and for me is part of a package of better supporting 

I wonder if it would be possible to build a generic lexer for Scintilla 
that uses pygments... there is some difference because Scintilla expects 
broken syntax, but it might be a way to add support for file types that 
Scintilla doesn't yet support.

I'm just thinking out loud in case someone out there is looking for an 
open source project to work on. ;-)


Stephan Deibel
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