[wingide-users] Feat. request: reStructuredText for docstrings

Steve Barnes gadgetsteve at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 28 09:46:23 EST 2013

On 28/01/13 14:15, Wingware Support wrote:
> Diogo Baeder wrote:
>> Lots of Python applications have been receiving documentation in 
>> reStructuredText format (http://docutils.sourceforge.net/rst.html); 
>> The reason for this is simple: this format's primary focus is for 
>> Python documentation, specially docstrings. So Sphinx uses it, and 
>> Read The Docs uses it - and a great deal of applications have their 
>> docs hosted in RTD nowadays -.
>> So I'd like to propose that WinIDE implements reStructuredText 
>> parsing to be shown in parts of the IDE, like the Source Assistant, 
>> for example; This will improve te way the developers see their 
>> documentation, or documentation of other packages.
> This is something we'ld like to add but I'm not sure when we'll get to 
> working on it.  I'd also like to syntax highlight ReST when seen in 
> the editor (at least for ReST-only files if not in the docstrings).  
> If someone writes a lexer for Scintilla we would just incorporate it.  
> But I realize you're asking for rendering in Source Assistant and not 
> syntax highlighting...
> Thanks for the feedback!
According to the website Pygments supports ReST, and just about every 
other thing.

Steve /Gadget/ Barnes
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