[wingide-users] import wingdbstub associated with long delay

Eric Ongerth ericongerth at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 13:14:33 EST 2013

Apropos of the recent discussion on auto-reload, Django, and "import

I work with Pyramid, rather than Django, and had my best experiences
debugging via Wing for a while in 2012, and then something changed, with
"import wingdbstub" seeming to be somehow involved in the difference.  It
formerly did not cause this problem, but now if I import wingdbstub it
introduces a 1 to 2 second delay in every start or restart of my app's

This much startup delay makes development too sluggish.  The majority of
the times that my server starts or restarts due to code changes are not
during debugging, they are just times where I changed some code and wish to
interact with my updated app ASAP in a browser, and the extra wait is not
worthwhile.  On the other hand, going back to the method of manually
starting Wing's debugger any time I need to do some debugging (and every
time, on top of that, that my app server restarts due to code change) has
been equally inconvenient.

I would be more precise, if I could, with my recollection of when the
problem began, but I can't... When the delay started occurring was during a
lot of major changes in my code, and this has not been something I was
involved in full-time.  For weeks or even months I just assumed I had done
something dumb along the way that was causing very slow server startup, and
that I would eventually need to figure it out and eliminate a bottleneck
somewhere.  But removing the import of wingdbstub completely eliminated the
delay and now my server starts up quickly as before.  I did some profiling
to try to get a better view of what was going on, but it really came down
to just whether or not I import wingdbstub.

Any idea what's going on there, and did something change, maybe in the
later half of 2012?  Thanks!
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