[wingide-users] auto restart for django

brian downing brian.downing at yakkadesign.com
Wed Jan 23 22:17:27 EST 2013

I noticed in the django doc it has a section "Debugging with 
Auto-reload". Is there a way I can avoid adding "import wingdbstub" to 
every file? I don't want to have to edit this out for production and I 
don't know which file is the problem till I start debugging.

Currently while I'm in writing/testing mode I run the django server 
stand alone so I don't have to keep restarting the debugger. If I need 
the debugger, I'll stop the stand alone server and launch within wing so 
I can use the debugger. I was hoping there was a better way than 
switching between command line server and the wingware debugger.


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