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Mon Jan 14 10:56:18 EST 2013

Werner F. Bruhin wrote:
> This started to happen when I tried to suppress error messages like 
> C0103 by adding this to the config file:
> # C0103 - line too long
> disable=C0103
> Even removing this or renaming the pylintrc file and rebooting does 
> not get me the error messages back.
> Anyone has a tip of what I messed up?
> I am on WingIDE and pylint 0.25.1

You might be able to get it working by using the command line args 
config for pylint instead.  Right click on the pylint tool in Wing and 
select Configure.  Then us something like this for args:

args = --disable=W0311,C0103

Some of the args possible will break parsing of pylint output (or result 
in unparseable pylint output).  For example using --output-format (and 
presumably the equivalent in the .pylintrc file).  To see what args Wing 
is passing to pylint take a look at scripts/pylintpanel.py in your Wing 
installation, around line 446.  The complete set of args passed do vary 
by pylint version, among other things.

Please let me know if this does not help.



Stephan Deibel
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