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Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Mon Jan 14 10:47:48 EST 2013

Lee Gramling wrote:
 > I see in the user preference where to add a new keyboard binding but
 > how do you see the current set of bindings?

The default key bindings are documented in 

However, for vi mode this is somewhat incomplete because of how : and 
many of the key sequences work in vi (there is internal state depending 
on preceding keys that decides what a key does, and it's not a 
straight-forward mapping from key sequences to commands).

 > I am using the VIM preference and there are commands that don't work,
 > for instance I want to quote a word with
 > ciw''ESC P

For things like this the best thing is to email what you're missing to 
support at wingware.com and we'll try to fix it.

You also could bind a regular key sequence like Ctrl-Shift-Q or whatever 
to the command you want but there's no way to use the preference to 
modify how sequences like ciw'' work.  Also, in vi mode all the keys you 
bind will end up working on all the editor modes.  There isn't currently 
a way to specify the editor mode from the key preference, although it 
would be possible to modify keymap.vi in your Wing installation 
(preferably by adding an import as is done for keymap.basic and put your 
added bindings in a separate file).

I'll take a look at ciw'' now.  cw does work but I think ci*, di*, and 
i* in visual mode are not implemented and are already on our list of 
things to add in the future.



Stephan Deibel
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