[wingide-users] Pymel Autocompletion

Joe Weidenbach joe at jaydubonline.com
Mon Jan 7 16:58:01 EST 2013

On 1/7/2013 9:00 AM, Wing IDE Support wrote:
> On 1/6/13 11:18 PM, Joe Weidenbach wrote:
>> In explanation:
>> I added the pymel/extras/complete/pi directory in the source analysis
>> section, but it's not helping.  For example, if I use the following code:
>> import pymel.core as pm
>> pm.bindSkin()
> What version of Maya and of Wing are you using?  It seems to work for me
> with Maya 2013 and Wing 4.1.9.  Do you see bindSkin() as a completion
> for maya.cmds?  e.g.
> import maya.cmds
> maya.cmds. <- bindSkin should be listed in the completion popup
> Thanks,
> John
Hi John,

I'm using Maya 2012 (x64) and Wing 4.1.9-1, with a standalone install of 
PyMel 1.0.3.  maya.cmds.bindSkin comes up just fine--I haven't had any 
issues with maya.cmds.  However, pymel.core does not contain bindSkin() 
in the autocomplete options.  Another example is UI--none of the basic 
UI layouts or controls are available for autocompletion in pymel (and 
yes, they are present in maya.cmds).

On that note, I just did some experimentation with the source analysis 
settings.  When I remove a folder from the interface files section, 
bindSkin shows up in pymel.core--for a minute or so, and then it stops 
coming up again.  Also, on an interesting note, the docString for 
pm.bindSkin() comes up in the source assistant regardless.  So, it's 
finding it, but it seems to be getting confused in the completion area.

Hopefully that helps?

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