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Joe Weidenbach joe at jaydubonline.com
Sun Jan 6 23:18:24 EST 2013

In explanation:

I added the pymel/extras/complete/pi directory in the source analysis 
section, but it's not helping.  For example, if I use the following code:

import pymel.core as pm

The bindSkin() function does not get found in the autocompletion. I 
should note, maya.cmds works fine by itself, and pymel.core works 
sporadically.  This exact issue was documented in March 2011 at this 
and Wing Support indicated they were aware of it:

    The issue here is not the .pi files, which are pregenerated in the pymel
    distribution that comes with Maya 2011, but rather that Wing is finding
    both a .pi and .py file for the animation module and is using the .py
    file in its analysis.  The workaround is to essentially change the
    python path so the .py file isn't found, but the workaround causes other

    The better solution will be to handle both a .py and .pi files and we
    plan to add this is a future release.

Like I said, since they said this, it doesn't appear that the issue has 
been brought up or mentioned at all.  I'm just trying to figure out how 
to get it fully functional without losing the python command line for 
maya.  The lack of any comment leads me to believe that I'm probably 
doing something wrong, or missing something.  Maybe my python path's not 
setup right.  If people are getting this to work right, I'd love to hear 
suggestions :)



On 1/6/2013 4:07 PM, Joe Weidenbach wrote:
> Hello,
> I'd read in the archives that the developers were looking into ways 
> (back in 2011) to allow the PyMel autocompletion to work with the 
> mayapy.exe interpreter--something that would allow both .pi and .py 
> files to be read.  Has anything more been done on this? Or have we 
> found another option?  4.1 still seems to have the same issues with 
> pymel.
> Thanks,
> Joe
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