[wingide-users] thoughts on debugging a combination django/celery site

Chris Curvey chris at chriscurvey.com
Wed Feb 27 10:23:20 EST 2013

I'm in the process of splitting my monolithic Django application into a
series of Celery tasks.  Django can kick off a bunch of tasks, then loop
around to get the results.  (Both the Django code and the Celery code live
in the same Wing project.)

Of course, now I have a number of python interpreters to deal with when I
want to debug.  I had two ideas for how to handle this:

1) copy wingdbstub.py to djangodebugstub.py and celerydebugstub.py, and
import the the files appropriately.  I can then use  kWingDebugDisabled  to
control which remote process connects to Wing for debugging purposes.

2) Copy wingdbstub.py to djangodebugstub.py and celerydebugstub.py,  but
have different ports for django and celery.  I could then run two Wing
instances, and debug back and forth between the two.  I'm just not sure how
to use kWingHostPort and kAttachPort in this situation.  And I'm wondering
if I would need two Wing projects -- one that contains all the Django
stuff, and one that only contains the Celery tasks.

Are there any smarter ways of doing this?

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