[wingide-users] WingIDE 4.1 hangs on startup

Franz GEIGER f.geiger at datec.at
Mon Feb 18 12:53:51 EST 2013

Yesterday I shut down my machine normally after closing all apps, wing 
being among them.

Today I started up the machine, started wing and - after showing the 
splash screen - it hung. All I see is a small square window on the 
bottom right corner. It is that small that "Default Pr..." is all that's 
displayed. Maximizing the window yields a gray window (titlebar and text 
fully shown) but no controls, no text, no anything, no response 
whatsoever from wing. Closing doesn't work either, I have to kill it.

I even can't see which version exactly I use. Upgraded in December 2012. 
IIRC one minor-verson update was released since then (which I didn't 
install, yet).

My old wing 3.2.13-1 is working (i.e. is starting up), though.

I'm on Arch Linux, but didn't update for two weeks now.

Kind regards

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