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Fri Feb 1 10:29:13 EST 2013

Adrian Klaver wrote:
>> If the effective current directory ('', which can be set with Debug >
>> Initial Directory project property and defaults to project location) is
>> the same as /home/aklaver/software_projects/greenhouse_app then maybe
>> it's leading to duplication somehow.
> There is no Initial Directory set, so from the tool tip it should be
> defaulting to the project root listed above.

The default is either the location of the main debug file (if one is 
defined) or the location of the project.  (And not the root of the 
project tree, as I think you are saying, although these may of course be 
the same in some cases)

>> This would be a bug, however.  Contrary to what I wrote yesterday, the
>> Source Browser doesn't look at Python Path but only what's in the
>> project.  That is why it shows one entry for each copy of a file/class.
> That would seem to at odds with the documentation:
> "..set PYTHONPATH so Wing's source analyzer and debugger can find your
> files, and set any other necessary runtime environment for your code ..."
> and with what I am seeing. When I removed the code from site-packages it
> disappeared from the Source Browser.

The Source Browser is not the same thing as the source analyzer.  The 
latter is the engine that finds and analyzes your code.  It essentially 
starts in project files and traces down any imports using the defined 
PYTHONPATH (which can of course lead it to files that are not listed in 
the Project view).

I saw John also replied privately to get some more info so let's see 
what that turns up.



Stephan Deibel
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